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new project for SITE Santa Fe biennial


Jason Middlebrook (b. Jackson, MI; lives in Hudson, NY) has altered an old shipping container to create a replica of a nineteenth-century general store, reminiscent of another era, when early towns in the west relied on the general store to carry supplies of all kinds. Middlebrook's general store features handmade and salvaged objects available through barter. Within Your General Store an alternative economy exists, one that is defined by both the clerk and the visitor. The project is part of SITE Santa Fe's biennial exhibition series Unsettled Landscapes, exploring the work of contemporary art and cultural production in the Americas. The exhibition runs from July 19, 2014 until January 11, 2015.

artists in your general store

Middlebrook has invited over thirty artists to participate in this project by creating a small work of art to be bartered, favoring birdhouses, paintings, and jewelry. The works are displayed in the container and on our site, in addition to hundreds of general goods, services, and recipes available for trade.